Wednesday, 22 May 2013


hi friends

You all would have seen T-shirt with quotes worn by people and am also always fascinated and wish to wear such Tees. But many a times i had seen people who are above 50 or 60 years of age wearing Tees with this quote "I AM NOT 60, I AM 18 YEARS WITH 42 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE " , i used to think what they mean .

Here is the reason why i suddenly got reminded about this quote , recently of late i had gained weight at a rapid pace and that started worrying me too much and even more when few days back i saw on the weighing scale numbers which i had never seen before. Now don't question me what is my weight gain has to do with this , like the BUTTERFLY EFFECT  , there are things happened out of which i am putting this down.

So as all people who worry about their weight gain used to take various steps to get back to shape, me too did very few things which went futile (especially dieting ) and finally i decided walking is what i will do  to reduce my weight and so since the begining of this week i started going for evening walks ( morning walks are good for health but not for my sleep ) in the beach in my hometown pondicherry.

Pondicherry beach is one of the picturesque walkway laid well with granite walk path and the roads closed down for traffic(6pm-6am) so that people walk leisurely and enjoy the 1.5 km walk hearing to the roaring music of the waves and gentle humming of the wind .

For the first timers to the beach there are many landmarks and historic buildings along the promenade in the beach to look out for, like court complexes , tourism department buildings , Le cafe - an old french port transformed into a cafe ( you get  the best choco brownie in town ) then the Gandhi statue and towards the end is the chief secretariat and the french embassy.

Yesterday too i went for my evening walk around 6.30 pm, after parking my bike and entered the promenade of the beach and i started walking from south towards the northern side of the beach . After some ten minutes i started to sweat and i was contended that i am exercising adequately. and now came the crucial part of that evening ,while still under that influence of that contentment of an effective walk i could sense a shadow at the corner of my left eye visual field. One thing in beach people who come for walking (as exercise) always have the feel that they alone are walking and generally don't mind about what is happening around, and in the similar way i too was walking . but this shadaow was constantly present in my visual field faintly, sothen i figured out some details of the shadow and it turned out to be a man in his shorts and Tees who had also come for his walk.

I felt that i was way ahead and the shadow (not mine ) was behind me, but then only i realized that the shadow was moving at a faster pace and even before i could realize that in the corner of my visual field came in a man in his 50's or 60's. This made me feel so bad that i man of his age can walk so fast may be if i am walking at the pace am then soon in less than a minute he may surpass me.
That time i realized that i wasn't walking that fast and from then i started walking fast and increased my speed so that i was ahead of him as he overtaking me would make me am very slow or lazy.

All through out the walkway there are markings line like,once in every 10-15 feet . Every line i considered as a level in a game and walked fast increasing my speed and i was walking ahead but still in my temporal field i could not lose the image of that man as he was walking very steady at his pace i tried to keep my pace with lot of breath holding and panting (not literally ) some how i reached the northern end of the beach were people take a U turn and again walk towards the south end.

When i turned the only i saw him clearly standing in front of me with a smiling face, i realized that he understood that i was competing with him all along the walk and his smile at the end meant a lot - one thing it said was age is not a matter and practice and determination is what matters, and never under estimate anybody (esp. with respective to age )

At the end it was a nice walk learning a new lesson in life and throughout life there are many lessons to be learned.

Then again i turned at the end to walk back and then start home, but i had the feel of having a good competitive walk and i didnt want to loose that pace and i turned back and started walking again but this time on the pavement. but this time there was no shadow or no body and i was walking .
while walking initially since i got into that so called competition i didtnt notice or mind what was happening arround and in my walk back towards the starting point then onlt i realized that and i was having a look around when i was already ahalf way then while gazing around i saw that YOUNG MAN in his 6o's walking in the road part of the promenade way ahead of me, may be even 100 meters ahead. then i realized that i wasnt fast but this time i was not able to and also not willing to compete but felt contended for learning a good lesson !!

this YOUNG MAN in his 60's have proved the quote right "I AM NOT 60, I AM 18 YEARS WITH 42 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE "

finally I reached the starting point of my walk and left the walkway to the place where my bike was and started home ( may be to learn another new lesson)



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